The body is divided into three parts: the core, the tentacles, and the head. The core is a ball of aluminum paper that serves to hold the tentacles and the head together.
The tentacles were each shaped out of aluminum foil, wrapped in masking tape, and smoothed with paper mache. The webbing between each tentacle is also made out of paper mache bridges that were cut into shape after drying. All of the suckers were individually modeled out of Model Magic and attached to the tentacles one at a time with hot glue.
The head was sculpted out of aluminum foil, attached to the core with a wooden rod that goes through it, and blended together with paper mache. The eyes were then molded out of Model Magic. 
To make it smooth, I spackled joint compound as needed into the creases and used white paint to prime the figure. To make it come to life, the entire sculpture was spray-painted orange and detailed with shadows and highlights of black, brown, yellow, and white acrylic paint. As a whole, the structure measures 5ft in diameter. 
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