With basic Arduino programming and an enclosure made out of broken egg shells, Danielle Emrich and I created an interactive, analog sensor box with a chirping bird. A potentiometer increases or decreases the frequency of the chirps while a pressure sensor changes the colors of the lights in a gradient from warm yellow to cool blue. 
Egg Materials and Construction
     - egg shells (tanned and white)
     - white cloth
     - balloons
     - paint brush
     - Elmer’s Glue
Also, not pictured, I used a plastic cup to hold the egg in place, a lid on which to pour the glue, and a hair tie to secure the cloth around the balloon. 
The Bird
For the second stage, Danielle Emrich and I partnered to create a laser cut enclosure with two analog inputs and outputs. Using an Arduino and analogRead(), analogWrite(), and map() functions, we assigned inputs to their respective outputs with set parameters. 
We used a pressure sensor and a potentiometer as our inputs, and a strip of neopixels and a buzzer as our outputs. The pressure sensor changes the color of the neopixels lining the inside of the egg as the applied pressure increases. The potentiometer changes the frequency of the bird "chirp" sounds emitted from the buzzer. In addition, we added a switch that powers the whole system on and off. The lights are produced with a strip of 46 neopixels programmed to the pressure sensor.
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