Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Write the name of your autobiography ten years from now. Now open up the fold and write your inner flap bio in third person - again ten years from now 
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Soon after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder, Nicole took her first big leap and moved to Melbourne, Australia where she married her husband, Austin. After starting her own brand design company, living in and road tripping Australia and New Zealand for 6 years, living in New York City for 4, and having two baby girls towards the later half of the decade, Nicole and Austin felt ready to finally move to Germany. 

Thanks to great connections and wonderful business opportunities, Nicole was able to expand her business to Europe. Fortunately, since they had been working on learning German for the past five years, her girls were still young, the decision to move was crystal clear. At the ripe age of 32, Nicole felt ready to by the mountain home she had always wanted, just south of Munich, and focus on her family. She also, for once found time to focus on her creative tick that had been biting her for so long. Having been so busy with expanding the company, taking care of the kids, and the move, and the dogs, the sense of stability around her was enough encouragement for her to focus on what she loved, learning and crating.
What are your personal, professional, and creative goals in the next five years?
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In the next five years...
- Learn German
- Climb V10!
- Backpack Europe
- Explore Asia (Japan, India, Nepal, Thailand...)
- Egypt! Greece!
- Marry Austin Faulkner-Pearce
- Run a marathon
- Learn to paint
- Get a 6 pack :)
- Practice not being too hard on myself
- Become a kick-ass graphic/brand designer
- Have my own business
- Be fully self sufficient (financially)
- Invest! Learn the stock market. Cryptocurrency.

- Do freelance on the side
- Learn animation
- Learn animation and make cool sh***t!
- Play more :)
- Make bad art and not be ashamed of it

- Take advantage of the FREE knowledge in the internet!
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