In the early, lonely days of the Coronavirus pandemic, I brought a teddy bear to life. Using motors, buttons, wires, and an Arduino, I performed an invasive procedure on Mr. Boris to make him more interactive.
Interaction Plan and Supplies
By the end of the operation, I originally planned for Mr. Boris to be able to shake his tail excitedly when one presses his left had, and he will cover his eyes with his ears to play peek-a-boo if you press his nose. 
Among the supplies are...
- a vibrator motor in his tail
- a stepper motor in his brain
- two sticks into the lengths of his ears
- a button in his nose
- a button in his left hand
- an Arduino and a breadboard in his guts
- a USB cable through his bum.
Code and External Assembly
All of the physical components were programmed individually. 
Servo Motor
With borrowed code from Robojax, I programmed a button that activates the servo motor and causes it to move from an upright position at 0 degrees, to a downward position at 180 degrees, and back to 0 degrees after holding for 5 seconds. The button will be implanted in his nose and the servo motor in his brain will move shortened chopsticks within the cartilage of his ears to make him "hide" behind his ears. 
Vibrator Motor
The vibrating piece of hardware will be implanted into Mr. Boris' tail. When the user presses one of his hands, they will discover that the tail will shake!
I soldered the vibrator to a small piece of protoboard to make wiring it to a bread board much easier. The small wires are brittle and I was worried they would break.
All together now!
Using a large breadboard, I combined the code for the motors and buttons and wired them together. 
Post Operation
Looking past all his fluff and flimsy nature, I used a lot of thread to secure elements to is fur. The long Arduino helped him be more stabilized as it acted as an artificial spine. Mr. Boris' operation was successful and he is satisfied with the results. His tail shakes and although his ears do not go "peek-a-boo," they wiggle happily back and forth with the press of his nose. 

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