Run. Hide. Fight. is a collection of images taken inside four different individual's bedrooms. I explored where people go to escape the world and reality in order to feel themselves.
Although I understand that not everybody finds their bedroom to be a place or refuge, the four individuals who welcomed me into their space did. Not only did they let me in, but they trusted and allowed me to take photograph it. 
To most sensibly share the images, I created a photo book of the hideaways where each image portrays subtle aspects of the individual's personalities.
These bedrooms are no judgement zones where the inhabitants run to be alone. Where they hide from all their troubles. Where they are free to be naked and comfortable in their own skin. I thank those who let their guard down, welcomed me into their world and made this project possible. It is not easy to show such vulnerability.
Originally, for this project I wanted to pursue my passion for climbing. I wanted to dig deeper into the world of climbing and interview people to learn how the sport became a part of their lives. I wanted to explore in detail what they loved or hated about it and gain some insight into why it's so addictive. 
The concept was something I was excited about but it wasn't sufficiently personal. It wasn't sufficiently up close. As I kept exploring my other passions I decided to express my deep interest in people. As someone who is quite introverted, I rarely approach strangers unless I have to. I used this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn things about people that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.
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